Barrow Bags

The Barrow Bag

The “Barrow Bag” has been designed for many jobs. It is much larger than the “Handy Bags”, and yet smaller than the 1 Ton “Bulk bag” but, has the strength of a 1 ton Bulk bag, therefore making it very strong and durable so it can be reused many times.

With this being smaller than a Bulk bag, the Barrow Bag can be moved by 1 man by hand if the product inside is light in weight, or can be easily pulled onto a Sack Barrow then wheeled about whereas the bulk bags need a folk lift to move once filled.

If the Barrow Bag was filled with heavy products such as soil or stone etc, then it still has the strength in the bag to be lifted by folk lift trucks.

This being a narrow bag allows a person to move Logs etc, up a garden path and around to the back of a house where the Larger Bulk bag cannot be placed by Folk lift trucks.

Using the Barrow Bag will help keep the drive way clean and tidy while moving Logs, Kindling wood, Garden Produces or waste such as Grass cuttings and Leaves etc.

Size: 46x46x87cm internal / 48x48x90cm external

Top: Flap with 2 ties

Base: Flat

Loops: 4 corner lifting loops

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