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Log Net BagsLeno woven, Raschel knitted and Monofilament bags have a wide range of uses especially in the agricultural sector – the packing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and logs etc. – because of its ability to protect the packed goods from the sun as well as offering essential ventilation. Raschel knitted bags are made from PE material and are lightweight and low in price. The bags can be woven into different mesh sizes and also have the option of either plain or woven drawstring fastenings.

BAG Supplies - Raschel knitted Net BagsBAG Supplies can offer customers the option to have heat sealed labels with your company logo on the bags and we produce and supply all kinds of mesh bags for customers various uses in many different specifications and colours.

Colour samples of Net Bags supplied by Bag Supplies Net bags from Bag Supplies can be delivered in different qualities: knitted, standard and close woven, monofilament as well as in many colours and sizes. For each product you wish to package we will have the right bag for you whether its is vegetables, fruit, flower bulbs, logs, plastic piping etc. and we can deliver either in bales or on a roll for automatic packing.

Net Bags Range Below we have listed some of the net sizes we offer but stocks do change on a daily basis. If what you are looking for is not listed, then please contact our office and we will do our utmost to have your size & type made to order depending on quantities required. All net bags have pull ties included.

Net Bags - Monofilament

26 x 36 cmRed
37 x 57 cmGreen
40 x 50 cmRed
50 x 80 cmGreen
50 x 80 cm

Net Bags - Raschel Knitted

32 x 48 cmWhite
32 x 48 cmOrange
45 x 60 cmRed
45 x 60 cmDark Green
45 x 60 cmEmerald Green
45 x 65 cmDark Green
45 x 65 cmRose
46 x 71 cmDark Green
48 x 68 cmDark Green
50 x 80 cmYellow - Emerald Green - Red
52 x 80 cmYellow
60 x 80 cmEmerald Green

Net Bags - Leno Woven

All measurements are internal
23 x 28 cmRedClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
42 x 60 cmOrangeClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
45 x 60 cmRedClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
45 x 60 cmOrangeClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
45 x 60 cmLight GreenClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
45 x 60 cmGreen, Printed Plain LabelClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
45 x 65 cmRedStandard Woven
45 x 70 cm GreenClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
45 x 70 cmWhiteStandard Woven
52 x 82 cmRedClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
52 x 82 cmGreenClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
52 x 85 cmRedClose Woven + Braided Drawstring
52 x 85 cmOrangeClose Woven + Braided Drawstring

Net Bags Storage

Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd.

BAG Supplies work very closely with Fuelwood (Warwick) Limited – Manufacturers and suppliers of high production kindling, firewood & bagging machinery including sawbenches, log splitters, wood chippers, post peelers & pointers. Further information can be found at

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