Corex Bulk Bags

Corex Bulk Bags

These bags are designed with Corex boards on all four sides on the inside of the bag so that sharp objects can be dropped or loaded into the bag without damaging the side walls of the bag.

The Corex Bags are re-usable and free-standing so there is no need for any apparatus to keep the bag open. They are ideal for factories, workshops etc for holding/transporting waste in line with WEEE regulations.

The Corex Bulk Bag can also be manufactured to the customer’s own size requirement with any colour of fabric, personalised print and logos on any number of sides depending on volume. The colours of the loops and stitching can all also be tailored to suit the customers needs.

Before use the bags fold flat so take up very little storage space. They can be used over and over which in turn makes it a very useable product and user friendly.

Size: 102x102x110cm
Top: Open Top
Base: Discharge Spout or Flat Base
Loops: 4 Corner Lifting Loops 5x25cm

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